Irina Alekseenkova: silk, paints, flowers

Ирина АлексеенковаHello! I'm Irina Alekseenkova, a painter from Russia.

In 1981 I graduated from the Moscow Art College, the Theatre Department I worked as a designer of theatrical decorations and costumes for many years.

In 1989 I graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute, artistic department.

Nowadays I teach children in an Art Studio.

In my works I set great store upon composition and colour.

 I've worked out an author's programm which helps my studens and me to create beautiful pictures. As a theatre artist I like to use different textures.

Free painting on silk is my favourite technique. It requires creativeness, improvisation, temperament, and a burning soul. Silk is not subjected to prime coating, and it is made immediately, a la prima and no correction can be done afterwards. I paint on a wet cloth and paint runs, which gives an illusion of air and space. Then I dry it and fix it with iron The I stretch it and finish it up on a dry cloth. I paint only by daylight, so that colour would not be distorted I'm also fond of music. Hence music rythms are often present in my compositions.

The favoutite theme is flowers. I like to paint architecture and theatrical subjects too. I use textile colours on acrylic base. They do not fade under sunlight, nor water can damage them. By their theme my pictures appeal to women. They are nice to look at in any interior, in a modest flat as well as a most modern office. To be needed is very important for a painter, to my mind. Exhibitions, presentations, meetings are a good stimulation and give an impact to be in a good creative form. That's why I welcome any opportunity of cooperation.

Phone: 7(3832) 322 - 905

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